Height: 6.5 cm
Diameter: 8.5 cm
(Dimensions may vary very slightly from piece to piece)


A hand thrown and turned opalescent glazed cup, fired in an oxidation atmosphere. From a very limited run of stoneware tableware, made from a unique mix of clay bodies. I have developed a range of new glazes specifically for these stoneware pieces. Each giving the clay body a chance to shine, creating interesting effects through the surface.

A classic low and wide cup form, with a finely pulled handle - these work excellently as coffee cups.

There is only one of this style remaining. Each is handmade so there will be slight differences between those pictured and those received - but I ensure they’ll be almost identical.

These pots are dishwasher safe and food safe, although please take care, washing by hand is the best option.

Stoneware Mug - Opal