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Height: 14 cm Diameter: 10.5 cm (Dimensions may vary very slightly from piece to piece)


A hand thrown and turned glossy teal blue glazed porcelain bud vase, fired in an oxidation atmosphere. From a very limited run of porcelain sculptural vases. Porcelain is a high value clay body with unique qualities. These high fired porcelain pieces are designed to show off the clay's qualities of being lightweight and translucent.


This sculptural vase form consists of two parts. A delicate 'flower frog' style lid and a beaker style vase. Use the spouts and holes in the lid to create a perfect ad-hoc flower arrangement.


There is only one of this shape available, each is handmade so there will be slight differences between those pictured and those received - but I ensure they’ll be almost identical.

These pots are dishwasher safe and food safe, although please take care, washing by hand is the best option.

Sprout Vase - Blue

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