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Simple, colourful, beautiful.
Handmade tableware thrown on the wheel in porcelain and glazed in glossy, vibrant colours.

I use Ming Porcelain, a blend of super white clays

based on traditional chinese recipes.

Porcelain is known for its glass like translucency,

strength and a beautiful white finish no other clay

can match.

Because of its purity and specialty, porcelain is an

expensive medium to work in, it is currently one of

the most expensive clays to source in Ireland.

Porcelain also requires more delicate making

techniques and longer drying times to avoid, or at

least minimise, cracks and warps in the final


As a clay it can create vibrant colour results in

glazes and this is what I seek to do with this range

of tableware.

This range is available for wholesale, please send me an email for details:

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